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Hum IT Solutions

Hum IT creates the best way to view and act on complex business information. We keep IT organizations in control of business-critical data no matter independent of the size. 3rd party tool integration which does more than monitoring tools and dashboards, solves problems.

End to End Monitoring

End to End Monitoring

We at Hum IT boast our operational ability to spot and remediate any infrastructural issues. We keep organizations in control of their pertinent business data, irrespective of the size.

We have a third-party tool integration that not only collects thousands of data points but also presents it efficiently in a single dashboard. This actionable data makes us easy to pinpoint the problem, identify root-cause and even track patterns. These uniquely targeted 3rd party dashboards enable us to efficiently deal with hurdles, saving time and effort in combating queries thereby maximizing your time for more important tasks.

Experience true “End to End Monitoring” with Hum IT.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Enable your business potential to expand horizons with Hum IT.

We have a perfect cloud solution for your sunny or rainy day. In this ever-evolving world of IT, reap solace with Hum IT for all your cloud-related queries. We offer services congruent with Microsoft, VMware, Nutanix, Azure.

We present you incomparable expertise that matches your expectations. Turn your ambitions to milestones seamlessly with Hum IT.

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Database Administration

Database Administration

In today’s time, the goals of any and every industry are data-driven.

We monitor your system health, resource allocation and also keep a track of trending and aggregate performance with the help of our third party tool integration.

We enhance end-user experience by promptly resolving issues flagged by one of the best-focused dashboards.

We have you covered whether you are working in cloud, premises or offline. Reducing any gap between our administrators and you, our valued end users.

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ServiceNow Platform

ServiceNow Platform

IT service management is considered to be the backbone of any organization. It increases the visibility of all the services and gives control of the data. It is the art of implementing, delivering and supporting IT services in a structured, compliant, and standardized manner. 
\r\nThere are many ITSM solutions available in the market. But in the ever-evolving technological world, we have to go beyond managing the services. We have to look how we can transform your business to be better suited for tomorrow, and what we bring to you is "ServiceNow", a platform as a service (PAAS), which is complete cloud-based platform solution. Servicenow not only manages your IT services, but it also helps you develop and make your business grow. All the essentials of an IT service delivery and beyond is what ServiceNow provides. It also gives the freedom to integrate with 3rd party tools, which makes it's even more lucrative option.  


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We are an interesting group of people, dedicated to do IT Business differently ... with a Human Touch

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