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Who are We

About Hum IT

Your trusted partner for expert IT consultants Hum IT is a young and dynamic provider of human-orientated IT experts, working both onsite and remotely across Europe.

Introducing Hum IT – The Human Touch of IT

Who are We

Our Values

To us, IT is more than hardware and software, it’s about people. You. Your customers. Your teams. Your stakeholders.


We believe that the human aspect in IT is so important that we have embedded it in our company name: Hum IT.

Who are We

Our Vision
Existing offshore models mostly have a focus on cost, transferring standard IT tasks to an offshore country preferably as cheap as possible. Not surprisingly this often has an impact on quality and on customer satisfaction.

However, the current market trend for standard tasks evolves towards automation, machine learning and AI.

At Hum IT we changed the existing offshore model towards a model with focus on quality, know-how, knowledge and experience. We are specialized in high IT profiles, experienced and certified.

Our Team
At Hum IT, we connect highly experienced and hard-to-find IT profiles based in both Belgium and India into a vibrant community that is ready to make the difference to your project. Talk to us to discover how we can make the difference for you.

We are an interesting group of people, dedicated to do IT Business differently …with a Human Touch

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